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KOTAX: The pioneer and market leader for a wide range of special insurance topics

Over 25 years, we have focussed on developing the perfect balance between premium and insured value for our comprehensive insurance system solutions.

In addition to understanding the challenges of today’s business world and the responsibility that comes with insuring irreplaceable historical and cultural landmarks, Kotax offers a wide range of specialised insurance system services, for which we rank amongst the pioneers and market leaders of our industry. This can be seen in our different fields of expertise, such as the insurance of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna in the Heritage sector, or our over 250,000 hectares of insured land in the domestic farm & forestry industry.

Kotax provides the expertise and services for personal and individual insurance matters, for entrepreneurs, real estate owners, developers, farmers or forester, on both a small and large scale, to help you find the right formula to securely insure your assets.

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