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Preserving values,
demonstrating responsibility

We are passion about creating a balance between premium and insurance value. With every insurance solution, we ask ourselves the crucial questions: Are you optimally covered? Do premium and insured value match like a finely tuned scale? Our aim is not only to provide you with financial security, but also to make you feel good from person to person. We understand the sentimental and emotional values behind your assets and carefully take them into account in our solutions.

You can trust us because when it comes to your values, we take responsibility and trust personally – a tradition that goes back 30 years.

With over 30 years’ experience in insuring historic buildings, cultural monuments, castles and palaces, we are one of Europe’s most respected pioneers and specialists in this sector.

If you want to talk competently about insurance, you first have to talk about responsibility and trust.
I learned what responsibility means at a young age, when I realized the care and attention that goes into maintaining and preserving a valuable historic building owned by the family.
Alexander Kottulinsky

As Austria’s largest insurance broker in the agricultural and forestry sector, we look after around 350,000 hectares of insured land.
You can rely on our expertise when it comes to your personal and individual insurance needs.

Whether modern or historic, hydro, wind, thermal or PV, we can provide the right, comprehensive insurance solution for all eventualities, from technical damage to natural catastrophes.

Our art-historical expertise and individual advice ensure that the sum insured is correctly calculated and that all details and eventualities are covered.
You can rely on our proven experience in insuring your valuables.

Insurance solutions with system and sensitivity

We are as experienced in the careful protection of your assets as we are in providing tailor-made solutions for a wide range of needs: We support small and large businesses, property owners and developers, farmers and foresters, custodians of cultural treasures and private individuals.

So you can count on us for your very personal and individual insurance needs.

Our approach for you

Our service

Personal trust is the indispensable basis for any tailor-made insurance concept.
My team and I therefore look forward to talking to you personally.

Yours, Alexander Kottulinsky

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