The soirée for business people

Soirée at Schloss Neudau

The Kotax soirée was held at Schloss Neudau in a convivial atmosphere accompanied by good wine. The host, Count Kottulinsky, showed interested visitors around the palace on a private guided tour.

Among the guests were:

Mayor Ing. Marcus Martschitsch, Dr Alfred Hofrichter, Ing. Martin Schwarz, the Kirisits brothers, DI Sarah Keil, Gerd Fejfar, Andreas Wilfinger, BM Ing. Peter Herbitschek, Jürgen Ferstl, the Jandresits family, DI Perisutti, Ing. Manfred Kern, DI Gerald Frey, Arndt Schlacher, Mag. Lucas Schneider Manns Au, Petra Klement

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